marți, 18 ianuarie 2011

The Recognition, Protection and Classification of Creative Products - Part 3

Human beings are called homo creator, but creativity does not always lead to a creative product. The creative equation deals only in creative products, not creativity, and differentiates between a creative product and a transaction. It states that the creative economy (CE) is equivalent to the value of creative products (CP) multiplied by the number of transactions (T); that is, CE=CPxT. Creativity itself cannot be quantified. The number of creative products can be quantified, but the multiplicity of products and the confidentiality of many deals may hamper the process of making an accurate account.(1)

Apart from the creative products and the transactions incurred which come to a fore when talking about creative economy, management plays an important role in the deployment of the creative activity. Thus, a creative and innovative management system best suits a creative and innovative activity.

(1) HOWKINS, John, “The Creative Economy. How people make money from ides”, London Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, London, 2001, p. xi-xiv