vineri, 14 ianuarie 2011


The reason for which I chose to tackle the topic of creative economy and the economics of ideas stems from the fact that it represents one of the most dynamic and interesting fields in the economy of our days. Creativity and economics go hand in hand in a world in which competitive advantage is achieved to the extent to which creativity is fostered and its products are promoted. Otherwise, no entity could withstand the market.

The structure of my paper is twofold: the first part is an introduction in which I tried to theoretically outline the main aspects of creative economy; the second part comes to round and explain in further detail the theoretical part. This second part first focuses on one of the fastest moving domains, software production, with a specific highlight on the impact on free software. Further on, I presented, on the one hand, the possible innovation opportunities and, on the other hand, creative economy costs. Opportunities and costs are thus seen as the key factors of describing the creative environment in an economy.

Methods such as analyses, comparisons, study cases, syntheses, and reviews have been used. Insofar as mathematical models are concerned, I have briefly presented the free software economic and mathematical model. Most of the examples are inspired from the current realities especially on the digital, data and communication markets, but fields such as real estate, education, R&D, intellectual property regulations in force and EU innovation issues have not been neglected either.

Each of these approaches in describing creative economy has been accompanied by up-to-date and relevant information about the most dynamic and innovative domains of the economy worldwide. Also, several examples are meant to better illustrate the current situation in Romania and the progress recorded in its attempt to catch up with the more developed countries in Europe.

The paper is not meant to be an exhaustive work and it only presents a point of view built on personal preferences concerning the examples chosen.